We love engineering, and want nothing more than to share our knowledge with the world. We do this by creating educational tutorials and products with the hope that our content will inspire people to try new things and create new products. If you used our content to create something cool, we’d love to hear from you!

Our content is a bit different from the rest. We place heavy emphasis on simplifying sometimes very complex technical theory into something more accessible and manageable. We will then demonstrate how to use the theory into actual physical projects. We do all this will keeping a casual, fun tone. We don’t want our content to read like a textbook. We want people to enjoy reading our articles and watching our videos.

Our educational content tends to focus on mechatronics (a combination of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering). You’ll find us often working on products that move (e.g., robots).

We are currently funded 100% through YouTube revenue, product sales, and Patreon supporter donations. If you would like to partner with Circuitlynx, please contact us.

Circuitlynx is proudly Canadian. We are located in British Columbia, Canada.