Our commitment to you

  • We will never selling user-provided and user-generated data for financial gain or competitive advantage
  • We will provide transparency for our users with regards to the data we collect and what we do with it
  • We will inform users if their data is compromised, either by failure to protect data or by order to surrender data to a legal authority
  • We will protect all data that is generated by, and provided to us, by our users from being compromised, stolen, or used in violation with this policy

Data That We Collect

If you register an account with Circuitlynx we’ll have access to your e-mail address and any contact information you choose to provide us. If you place an order, we retain a record of the contents of the order, delivery and billing address information, and any communication you might have with our Sales or Technical Support teams about the order. If you use features such as commenting we retain record of this fact.

If you browse www.circuitlynx.com, with or without a login, we know that a user at your IP address has visited pages on the site (see the Logging and Retention section below).

Email Communication

We send mail to users when a Circuitlynx account is created (password reset), when a Patreon supporter role is updated, and when orders are placed and shipped (if applicable). We may also be in contact when an order requires payment before shipping, or if other issues prevent us from fulfilling an order.

If you elect to sign-up for the Circuitlynx newsletter, we may send you email no more than twice a month. The email content will never contain spam or harmful content. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

We will notify users if we believe their privacy has been compromised, if it is within our power to do so. For example, if we discover a customer’s account user login information has been exposed elsewhere on the web, or if we are compelled to disclose information to law enforcement.

We may very occasionally send you an email that you did not request to promote a certain aspect of our site, products, or services.

Logging and Retention

In order to understand traffic to our sites and diagnose technical problems, we log individual web requests. These logs include a variety of metrics, including time of request, individual IP address, referrer, and user agent strings.

In order to prevent fraud and detect malicious behavior, we log IP addresses for specific actions, such as creating a customer account and placing an order.

Except in the case of malicious traffic, we will not share log data with any third party, unless compelled by legal process to do so.


We use cookies to know when users are logged into Circuitlynx services, and to track preferences such as display currencies and the rendering of product menus. Our analytic software, Google Analytics, may also set cookies that help track the number of unique visitors we’re getting and where the requests originate from.

Third Party Services

Patreon is used to collect payments from supporters. Circuitlynx periodically polls Patreon.com for supporter information and pledge amounts in order to grant users access to Patreon-only content on circuitlynx.com.

For products purchase on circuitlynx .com, PayPal is offered as a payment method. All payments are processed through PayPal. When using PayPal on www.circuitlynx.com a user must provide their PayPal email address. The user will then be directed to paypal.com to complete their payment, after which they will be redirected to www.circuitlynx.com to complete the order.

Circuitlynx uses Google Analytics to track aggregate behavior of visitors on www.circuitlynx.com. It is activated by a JavaScript snippet that loads on every page to send visitor behavioral information to the Google Analytics API. Circuitlynx uses this information to understand how visitors use our site.

We maintain accounts on various social media platforms, which may include YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. While some of these platforms are themselves invasive of user privacy, we will do our best to apply the principles outlined in the rest of this policy to our use of social media.